Methods of joining steel and metal

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Methods of joining steel and metal

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There are various ways to permanently join them together. Here are a few way which D&L Hardware uses to join steel at our factories here in China.

D&L Hardware runs large factories in China to produce the latest steel hardware and agricultural machinery products. We use a number of manual and automated processes when manufacturing, these examples cover just a few of the ways we join steel.


Welding steel is one of the most commonly used, and strongest ways to join steel. There are various welding methods and types including MIG, MAG, ARC or TIG welding. At our factories we also have the benefit of using Panasonic welding robots perform some of the welding tasks.

Welding is used when manufacturing a number of our produces including trailer parts and spares, rigging hardware, steel fences and more.


Sometimes it is necessary to fasten metals together but allow them to fold or hinge. Other times we might need to attach different materials together which cannot be welded, for example aluminium to steel. In these cases rivets can be used. High quality zinc plated rivets offer corrosion resistance and are especially useful for outdoor applications.

Folding and stretching

When manufacturing bucket, bin etc the steel used is too thin to be successfully welded (to keep weight down) so a folding and stretching method of joining steels is used. Folding and stretching metal to create a permanent join is a tried and trusted engineering method, one which is still in use for manufacturing luxury handmade cars.

Manufacture your steel hardware and agricultural products in China

D&L Hardware are a leading manufacturer of high-quality steel hardware and agricultural parts. We have decades of experience working with customers around the world and offer a professional manufacturing service in China.

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