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Φ60mm Clamp Bracket – Foldable Handle

Quick Details:

Name: CLA 60 F / 60mm Jockey Wheel Bracket, B Type Holes

Handle: Foldable

Used for Outer Tube: φ60mm

Loading Capacity: 500kg

Unit Weight: 1.67kg

Produced by: Common Steel

Production Place: Qingdao, China

Finish: Blue-white Zinc Plating

Used for Trailers, Caravans


Packaging: Non-wooden box, 400pcs per box.


Port of Loading: Qingdao Port


Lead Time: usually 6 – 7 weeks after sample approval and deposit receipt.


Our Advantage:

The best quality control to insure the products quality is perfect.


*      A wide range of inspection machines for use:

Spectrum analyzer                Tensile strength testing machine

Metallographic analyzer       Hardness testing machine

3D measuring arm                Salt spray testing machine

*      Strict quality inspection process in production:

Material inspection – first production sample approval – volume

production with self-checking – process inspection – final check before the

products into warehouse;

*      ERP management with quality control process;

*      Professional quality people with years experience.


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