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Φ48mm Support Wheel – Stronger Wheel

Quick Details:

Name: JK 48-220Z / 48mm Jockey Wheel

Description: a standard jockey wheel with φ48mm outer tube fitting to trailer with 48mm clamps. It’s equipped with 220x65mm solid rubber wheel which wheel hub’s thickness is 1.1mm. The jockey wheel is zinc plated with blue knob marked with DNL brand. The length of extension is 215mm and the max static load is 150KG.


Outer Tube: φ48mm

Steel Wheel: 220mm x 65mm (diameter x width)

Extension Ability: 215mm

Loading Capacity: 150kg

Unit Weight: 6.8kg

Produced by: Common Steel

To be used together with clamp.

Production Place: Qingdao, China

Finish: Galvanized

Used for Trailers


Packaging: Non-wooden box.


Port of Loading: Qingdao Port


Lead Time: usually 6 – 7 weeks after sample approval and deposit receipt.

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