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Φ48mm Drop Leg – 700mm

Quick Details:

DS 48-700 / Supporter Tube

Description: a 700mm supporting tube used for supporting trailers and caravans. By using 48mm clamps, this product could be easily fixed to a trailer. It’s zinc plated and therefore has smooth surface.


Specification: 700mm

Tube Information: OD 48mm, Thickness 2.5mm

Load Capacity: 0.15 ton

Weight: 2260g

Produced by Mild Steel

Production of Origin: Qingdao China

Packing: 230pcs per plywood box.

Port of Loading: FOB Qingdao Port.

Lead Time: usually 6 – 7 weeks.

Surface Finish: Blue-white Zinc Plating


Our Advantages:

  1. The best innovation offered by our R&D engineers team

*      Creative thinking and innovative ideas;

*      Strong engineering background with many years experience in the

specified industries;

*      Combination of mechanical and electronic development in products;

*      Developing products into series and meet customer’s special


*      Close communication with customers in English;

*      Standardized operation process to ensure technology is guaranteed;

*      The R&D team aims to serve the customers’ different requirement.


  1. The best quality control to insure the products quality is perfect.

*      A wide range of inspection machines for use:

Spectrum analyzer                Tensile strength testing machine

Metallographic analyzer       Hardness testing machine

3D measuring arm                Salt spray testing machine

*      Strict quality inspection process in production:

Material inspection – first production sample approval – volume production with

self-checking – process inspection – final check before the products into warehouse;

*      ERP management with quality control process;

*      Professional quality people with years experience.


  1. The logistic advantage and the historic influence of western culture to Qingdao.

*     Qingdao is the first largest container port in North-eastern Asia and has direct shipping

lines from Qingdao sailing into Europe and America;

*     The starting point of one belt one road and with railway into Europe;

*     Strong industrial background with famous brand in Qingdao: Haier, Hisense and Tsingtao

Beer etc.

*     Western cultural influenced in history and foreign industries invested area.

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