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Company Structure

Introduction of Qingdao D&L Group Ltd.

Founded in 1999, Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. is a professional import and export company specializing in building materials, rigging hardware, lifting gear, machines and production line. With strong technical support of a group of engineers, the company leads the development of products and technology innovation, builds up a well-known “D&L” brand in the world market.

From a complete factory design to a single crane in the workshop, from a full tube welding production line to a single steel tube, from a forging machined part to a simple pressed metal product, Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. strives to meet its customers every demand with high quality products and excellent service.

With a wide selection of products, Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. could offer its customers one-stop supply for different combinations and requirements.


Introduction of Qingdao Donglu Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Donglu Technology Co., Ltd. (previously called as Qingdao D&L Hardware Co., Ltd.), founded in 2002, specializes in manufacturing of trailer parts and machine parts for the trailer and agricultural industry. Starting from a stamped metal product to a complete machinery product, Qingdao Donglu Technology Co., Ltd. leads the upgrading of products and the innovation of production technology in the development of the company. With laser cutting machine, welding robots and progressive stamping production line, automation has been widely applied in the production which offers high quality standard.

With continuous training of our highly experienced workforce, Qingdao Donglu Technology Co., Ltd. strives to adopt the latest technologies and advanced management skills to ensure it’s always ahead of the competition. The company works closely with its customers and develops new products to meet customer’s demand. The production capacity covers forging, stamping, welding, laser cutting, machining, heat treatment and assembling.