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Concrete Nails/ Fluted Masonry Nails

Concrete Nail/Masonry Nail


Material: Medium Carbon Steel

Head Type: Flat Head

Shank Type: Fluted Shank

Point Type: Diamond point

Surface Finish: Bright finish or Mechanical Galvanized finish

Standard: ASTM standard

Packing: 50lb/carton, 25lb/carton,25lb/pail,30lb/pail,20kg/carton, 25kg/carton,

5lb/box or according to your requirements.


A concrete nail is best used when you are joining wood to a concrete surface. This is mostly found when finishing off a basement, building, or garage on a poured slab. The nails can be driven through the lumber plate and into the concrete.

It should be noted that concrete nails are not to be used to hang things like shelves, brackets, or frames. The concrete screw is better-suited for this job as long as anchors are used.
























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