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HM Hydraulic Jack

1.Compact and stable construction.

2.Can be used in any position.

3.The cylinder can rotate 360 degrees,two support surfaces,can be used widely.

4.Meet ASME/ANSI B 30.1.1986 standard, approved by CE certification.

5.Lowering speed can be accurately adjusted.

6.Protected against overloading.

7.Pump lever is removable.

8.Do not exceed the maximum load capacity of the jack.

9.Do not add additional load to a lifted load.

10.Do not use in unstable or hazardous positions.

11.The load must be stable during lifting.

12.Do not use jacks if damaged, altered or in poor condition.

13.Do not lift people or loads with people on them.

14.Do not lift at the end of the toe. Fully engage the load with the toe.

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