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Flat Webbing Sling

1.Produced with 100% high tensile polyester material as per EN1492-1:2000 standard. 2.Safety factor 7:1. 3.Length available:1m up to 10m. 4. light weight, wide bearing surface, can reduce surface load pressure.5. does not damage the surface of the suspended object .6. stable lifting.7. high strength, low elongation. 8. color meets European standards and national industry standards, colorful.9. Low price, cost saving. 10. a variety of safety factors can be selected . 11. widely used, generally applicable to aerospace, electric power construction, military manufacturing, dock loading and unloading, machining, mining, etc.12.The Working Load Limit with 1 sling is different of the Working Load Limit with 2 slings.

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