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Wire Rope Pulling Machine


1.Versatile and portable unit for pulling,lifting and extending.

2.Overload protection provides high safety.

3.The attached wire rope is high tensile and wear resistent.

4.Standard pulling machine includes the operating lever and 20M length of wire rope. 5.Our machine’s advantages are as follows:

(1)Its independent pre-tension springs work alternately, this makes the distance shorter, the mechanical rate higher and causes less wear on the wire rope.

(2)The grips jaw, made of alloy steel and hot-worked, has a reliable and durable clamping force and can operate well continually.

(3)As the construction inside the machine is properly designed , the machine has excellent properties for working well and ensuring easy maintenance.

(4)When the load is over-rated or the tensioning too violent, the safety bolt on the forward handle will immediately break, thus protecting the machine from further damage.

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