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Drop Forged US Type Screw Pin Bow Shackle

1.Forged -Quenched and Tempered.  2.Surface:Self Color, Electro galvanized,  Hot dipped galvanized, powder coated.    3.Comform to US Federal Spec.RR-C-271D.4.Proof Load is 2 times of WLL,minimum breaking load is 6 times of WLL. 5. Standard marking is “WLLXXT, Size, CE”. But we can also meet customer’s special marking requirement. 6.Do not drill or weld the shackle for repair.The shackle body and pin shall not be repaired after permanent deformation.7.When using, should check shackle body and bolt, must not serious wear, deformation and fatigue crack. 8.The use of shackles shall not exceed the specified safety working load .9.Scope of application: port,ship, construction, transportation, etc.


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