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48mm Jockey Wheel, Hot-Dip-Galvanized, rubber wheel

Part no. JK48-G-NR200G


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Art no. 1313

Part no. JK48-G-NR200G

Description: 48mm Jockey Wheel, Hot-Dip-Galvanized, rubber wheel


Apply to: Box trailer, Horse trailer, Flat trailer,Caravan,Construction trailers, Lives stock trailer, Transportation Trailer,Commercial trailer,ect.



Hot dip galvanization brings high corrosion resistance.

Ergonomic knob offers the best experience of operating easily, no feeling of tiredness.

Concise bracket is a bright point of our innovation on this product. Simple but stronger.

Tri-corn rim makes wheel more stable.




Tube Type:  Φ48mm

Wheel:  Steel Rim with Hot Dip Galvanization, Rubber Wheel, 200x50mm

Length of Extension:  215mm

Load Capacity:  150kgs

Weight of Unit Piece: 5.3kgs

Material:  Mild Steel

Feature:  Durable

Finishing:  Hot Dip Galvanized

Packing: 110pcs per plywood case (115x81x110cm)




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