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Research & Development

After years of independent innovation and core technology research and development personnel reserve, and guided by market demand, brand building, implementation of innovation strategy, accelerate product development and improve technological innovation capabilities, promote corporate scientific and technological progress, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, the company has been training and exercise out a large number of technical backbone and the experts of the industry, and has a research and development team with the desired characteristics of hope, to ensure the company’s sustained and stable development.

Creative thinking and innovative ideas;
● Strong engineering background with many years experience in the specified industries;
● Combination of mechanical and electronic development in products;
 Developing products into series and meet customer’s special requirements;
 Close communication with customers in English;
 Standardized operation process to ensure technology is guaranteed;
 The R&D team aims to serve the customers’ different requirement.
 A wide range of inspection machines for use:

Spectrum analyzer

Tensile strength testing machine

Metallographic analyzer

Hardness testing machine

3D measuring arm

Salt spray testing machine

Strict quality inspection process in production:

Research & Development

ERP management with quality control process;

● Professional quality people with years experience.