Road Map

Company Development

  • 2019 –
    20 years anniversary of Qingdao D&L Group Ltd.
  • 2018 –
    Rename Qingdao D&L Hardware Co., Ltd. as Qingdao Donglu Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2017 –
    Foundation of Qingdao Donglu Industrial Group Ltd. The company is a shareholding company
    owns Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. and Qingdao D&L Hardware Co., Ltd.
  • 2015 –

    Expansion of development in trailer industry:

    Started cooperation with AL-KO Group and became his largest supplier in China.
    Supplied to Knott Gmbh, Germany and became one of his main supplier in China.
  • 2012 –
    Qingdao D&L Hardware Co., Ltd. started production of agricultural products and became one
    of the main manufacturers of loader tines and plowing parts in China.
  • 2007 –

    Qingdao D&L Hardware Co., Ltd. started to bring in automation and invest new technology.

    Introduction of the automatic production equipment:
    Welding robots and workstations
    Progressive and consecutive stamping production line
    Turning machineries with automatic feeding system
    High speed CNC controlled flying saw
    Adopting new technology in production:
    American Inductotherm induction heating
    German Ipsen Heat treatment furnace
    German Messer plasma cutting machine
    German Trumpf laser cutting machine
  • 2002 – 2007
    Qingdao D&L Hardware Co., Ltd. stepped into production of the following areas:

    Metal gate and fence production supplying to B&Q
    Trailer parts supplying to Winterhoff, Germany
    Anchor bolts and building hardware supplying to United States
  • January 24, 2002 –
    Foundation of Qingdao D&L Hardware Co., Ltd. The company stepped into manufacturing area.
  • 1999 – until now
    With fast growing of export business, the product range of Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. covers:

    Machines and production lines, building materials, marine hardware, lifting gear products, trailer parts and agricultural products. The markets it serves refer to United States, European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Spain etc.), Australia, Mid East and South American Countries.
  • November 8, 1999 –
    Foundation of Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. The company specializes in the import and export business of building materials and marine hardware in the beginning.